Discovery Vitality


Discovery Vitality

Clients who are members of Discovery Vitality health insurance, can earn points for their Vitality scorecard with dietetic consultations.  Each consultation session is 30 minutes.  A member is charged R320 for each session which they can claim back from there medical aid.   Members also earn the following Vitality points (once a year):

• 5000 points for Dietetic consultation (1st) 30 minute sessions
• 2500 points for 2nd consultation, approximately 4 weeks later
• 2500 points for 3rd consultation, approximately 4 weeks later

 What does the nutrition plan entail?

As a dietitian in the Vitality Wellness Network, we help Vitality members define their nutritional goals and help them to achieve good health.  Even though the simple strategy is that members earn Vitality points and get great Vitality rewards, we help clients to see the great value and significance of the nutrition plan.